Bmw and toyota want to work closely together

Bmw and toyota want to work closely together

Munchen, 29. June 2012 – what was reported by the japanese business newspaper nikkei a week ago is official: toyota and bmw want to expand their cooperation. Bmw boss norbert reithofer and tmc-prasident akio toyoda today signed the joint declaration in the bmw group headquarters in munchen.

Four work priorities

The two companies want to work together in four areas:

– in the development of fuel cells,

– in the architecture and components of a future sports car,

– in the electrification of drive systems,

– in research and development in the field of lightweight technologies.

Bmw boss reithofer said in munchen: "we want to further strong our leading position in sustainable future technologies. Toyota and the bmw group share the same strategic vision about a sustainable individual mobitat of the future. Through cooperation, we create the prerequisite for both companies in puncto innovation and sustainability in their respective segment in their respective segment."

And toyota-prasident akio toyoda says: "both bmw and toyota want to build better vehicles. The mutual respect for each other also shows that we only make six months after signing the first agreement to take the next step. Toyota is strong in environmentally friendly hybrid technology and in the field of fuel cell. The strong of bmw is after my conviction in the development of sports cars. I am full of anticipation of the idea of which vehicles will be created from this cooperation."

In marz, the two companies already had one "binding" agreement on the joint investigation of lithium ion battery technology signed. Since december 2011, there is also a contract on the delivery of 1,6- and 2.0-liter diesel engines from bmw to toyota engine europe from 2014.

About the allegation that bmw wants to terminate with psa due to the entry of gm in his cooperation with psa, nothing was communicated today. A report of the trading sheet, if the bmw does not want to work together with gm in fuel cells, on the other hand, a bmw speaker has confirmed as the mirrors writing.

Common sports car

The really new information compared to old reports exist in the envision to develop a sports car together. In which segment such a sports car should be positioned is open. Especially only toyota (gt86) and subaru (brz) have launched a jointly developed sports car, which should be affordable for a broad target group – this price segment is run smoothly.

A sports car developed by toyota and bmw together was much largely located, it is also to be amed that he becomes virtually prototypically the successes of the collaboration. It is probably an athlete who uses modern lightweight construction technology in a high-mabe, even a hybrid drive is well imaginable, in this regard is particularly exciting, whether the "cooperation in the electrification of drive systems" maybe also produces a new hybrid concept. Toyota has so far sets a power-waved hybrid drive, bmw primarily on parallel hybrid. At the i8 concept spyder, bmw shares the motors on front and rear axle – perhaps toyota wants to mix a little here.