Bmw and audi want to uplust euro-5 diesel

The threat of domestic driving bans brings the discussion to bring the opportunity to bring euro-5 diesel to current limits, apparently. To avert threatening diesel driving bans, audi and bmw want to technically re-redeem the half-5-diesel cars approved in germany. That said bayern’s minister of economic affairs ilse aigner (csu) on wednesday (28. June 2017) after a meeting of the state government with the executive committees of audi, bmw and the truck manufacturer man.

The state government expects the restoration for the car owners free. "My objective is that the customer does not pay anything," said aigner. But with bmw and audi, this is not yet negotiated, which was allowed to seriously seriously surprise anyone in the face of the expected costs. The motors should not be modified, but the motor software should be updated. Which vehicles are modernized, the manufacturers decide. You should then contact the car owners.

They are not the only ones who will make prere. Who stands before the sale of a rustic car with euro 5 diesel, also has an economic interest in an update as the professional sale. Who will buy a young used car at a handler whose sellers want to save the update? The project, which halft from the diesel fleet was able to barely enforce itself. The manufacturers will hardly come to make an offer to all umbrellants.