Bill gates are 1.5 billion dollars – when us congress libid package

Bill Gates are 1.5 billion dollars - when US Congress Libid Package

Microsoft-millionar bill gates wants to contribute to its fund breakthrough energy 1.5 billion us dollars to reduce co2 emissions in the usa. It provides for the condition that the us parliament agrees to a program of the us prassified joe biden, in the technique for reducing emissions, reports that wall street journal.

With the us senate, a chamber of parliament of parliament of libiden had agreed infrastructure package and the corresponding budget with 69 to 30 votes; 19 republicans agreed. The package has a volume of around 550 billion us dollars; there are 25 billion us dollars for the us energy ministry to which public-private demonstration projects are to be financed. In total, 100 billion us dollars are planned for the control of climate change. The approval of the house of representatives is still out.

Gates said in an interview with the wall street journal, that his fund could give the money over three years for projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The projects that had to compete with other applicants around the funds, for example, were able to develop emission-free fuel for aircraft and relate to technology, to deduct carbon dioxide from the air.

Evaporated package

Biden had his investment package to renew the infrastructure of his country and presented originally 2.4 trillion presented in april. The budgeted budget, which has since been negotiated, include items for new straws and bridges, for public transport, for charging panels and electric breads as well as the broadband infrastructure, the power grid and the replacement of water pipes from lead. In june, it was awarded that biders could expect the consent of the us senate.

Gates had submitted a book this year, in which he addresses climate change. He repeatedly made it clear that he sees technology as an important option in the fight against climate change, including the nuclear power. Breakthrough energy invests in the company terra power, which works in a new kind of electricity recovery from nuclear power.