Autoconcarity: interest in 5g

The german autoconders have been interested to operate in their works in their own works in their own work. This is about the new standard 5g, whose procurement rules are to be determined by the federal network agency at the end of november 2018. According to previous tarpaulins, the author intends to allocate a portion of the spectrum in the high frequency range local operators and not awarded to nationwide telekom corporations. On this way, autoconders could come to the train.

Local networks in own business are "better able to transport highly sensitive application data," said a bmw speaker. Volkswagen also positive. From daimler, it won, one was in talks with the network agency. For classic network operators, a partialization of autoconzerne a jerking, the 5g business potential was shrewnily shrinking. "We hurt us if 25 percent of a spectrum is not released in the 3,4- to 3,8-gigahertz area for us – this is missing us bandwidth and capacity," said walter goldenits from deutsche telekom.

The mobile radio standard 5g is currently a rough topic in the german industry. Compared with the currently used standard lte goods 5g by many times faster. This is important for autonomous vehicles that are currently being developed and should be a lucrative business. They not only receive data on smooth or items on the strain, but also provide information on subsequent cars and other objects.