Audi a1 1.4 tfsi s tronic in the driving report

Audi a1 1.4 tfsi s tronic in the driving report

Hair, 20. June 2011 – audi remains true to itself in one respect: the a1 1.4 tfsi with its 185 hp looks just as unspectacular as its weaker brother. This is not entirely surprising, because the not exactly cheap a1 was designed from the start as a premium model that is not aimed exclusively at young people – which grosses the target group, at least in theory. The strongest a1 remains subtle, but thanks to its low weight it is guaranteed not to be a slow bore.

The strongest for the time being

Why is the top a1 hiding like a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Because he is currently, but only flowers the top model of the smallest audi series. In the past therefore, because in 2012 or spat 2013 the s1 should follow with around 220 hp and quattro drive. As long as you have to be with the 185 hp (136 kw) strong a1 1.4 tfsi s tronic "beg". He shares the drive with its sporty siblings vw polo gti, seat ibiza cupra and skoda fabia rs.

More power than polo gti and co.

Under the hood of all four models, a 1.4-liter four-cylinder works with benzine mere injection and double charging. While polo, ibiza and fabia are traveling with 180 hp, the audi will be used again funf horse rack more. And the worries for a powerful steam. That the force is transferred alone to the front wheels, the 1265 kilogram of heavy car does not have any problems. Out of the stand, the small ingolstadter starts sparkling and powerful. In the lower speed range, a compressor ensures that turbo lag is avoided. From around 3500 tours, a roughly dimensioned turbocharger takes over the work. The car sprints from zero to 100 km / h in a draft of 6.9 seconds. Even on the autobahn, the a1 doesn’t give up and always provides sufficient power reserves. The speedster with the four rings can travel up to 227 km / h.