Alfa giulietta g430 marangoni drives on green tires

Alfa giulietta g430 marangoni drives on green tires

Bologna (italy), 10. December 2010 – at the motor show in bologna, northern italy (until 12. December) presents the tire manufacturer marangoni with the "alfa giulietta g430 imove marangoni" a show car that has what it takes to steal the show from some coarser and more powerful tuning cars.

On green feet

The most noticeable feature of the giulietta tuned by trc italia are poison green special tires of the variety "m-power igreen" in size 235/35 r19 on barracuda rims. As if they weren’t already conspicuous enough, the tires should also glow in the dark. In the cabin, matching the color of the exterior, there is green equipment from the italian clothing manufacturer "conte de florence" was designed and an ipad from apple. There’s a segway scooter in the trunk for them "last mile" from the parking lot to the actual destination.

More efficient

The front bumper of the green alfa has two coarse air inlets, whereby the air flow is directed towards the reinforced brake system. This consists of ten-piston brake calipers and 360 millimeter coarse compound discs. At the rear, the original diffuser has been replaced by a new cfrp part in ferrari style. Aprons also made of cfrp complete the body kit. The incorporation of a thread hail from kw is lowered the giulietta g430 by four centimeters. Under the hood slumber after the conversion 286 hp, that’s 51 hp more than normal. This is achieved, among other things, by a new downpipe with integrated metal cat and an enlarged stainless steel end sound steamer. The conversion parts are offered for sale from 2011 by trc italia, the prices are not yet known.