Ace warns against scaremongering about oil price development

The autoclub europa (ace) warns against scaremongering about the oil price development. Ace spokesman rainer hillgartner said in stuttgart on friday: "anyone who, like the german institute for economic research (diw), fantasizes about scarce oil reserves and predicts a fuel price of 4 euros is already preparing the ground for unjustified new price rounds for the oil companies". This is irresponsible and does a disservice to consumers.

There can be no question of exhausted sources in view of oil reserves that are already confirmed as safe and have a range of more than 46 years. The claim by the organization of petroleum exporting countries (opec) that it may no longer be able to meet global demand for crude oil as early as 2024 is also misleading. This "scaremongering" is only intended to conceal the fact that today only four out of ten countries with the world’s highest rate of claims belong to this cartel.

According to hillgartner, however, all this does not prevent him from calling more strongly for a policy that leads away from oil. In this area, the automotive industry in particular is challenged more than ever before. If the change does not succeed, the mobile society will fall further and further into economically and politically undesirable dependencies. As a result, driving became a privilege for the few.

The ace calls on politicians to put a stop to the price-driving speculation on the oil markets and to bandage the pricing policy of the mineral oil industry at the gas stations. Addressing the drivers, the ace recommends to prefer fuel-efficient vehicles and to subordinate the driving style to the requirements of economy, even where there is no speed limit.