Protection of patient data: computer scientists commissions catching action

Protection of patient data: computer scientists commissions catching action

The approach of federal health minister jens spahn (cdu), in the digitization of the health sector concerns concerns, the company wants to carry out the company for computer science (gi). "In case of doubt must first be taken care of the protection of patient data before digitizing new healthcare processes", stressed gi-prasident hannes federrath. At all stressful laws had to "strict specifications for it security" are valid.

Severe fundamental rights

The club therefore welcomes the struck complaint (az. 1 bvr 2796/20) against the 2019 digital supply law (dvg), which the chairman of the interessengemeinschaft medicine (ig med), ilka tiger, and a medical expert at the end of the year together with the lawyer carlos gebauer in karlsruhe submit. That "spahn law" according to the plain, the right to informational self-determination of patients whose medical data has been forwarded without consent to a central research center and provided there for big-data analyzes.

The appeal pushed by a doctor’s side against the dvg offer "now the opportunity to first determine the current state of it security more accurately before further steps of digitization of health care", nonzled martin weigele from the prasidium labor-based privacy and security of gi. If doctors were forced on the basis of the law to provide digitized patient data with sometimes uncertain it systems of the healthcare system, severe fundamental rights of fundamental rights for those affected are threatened, no longer randomly.

"Teledoktor and total crosslinking"

An urgent application against the evaluation of the health insurance data on the basis of the pension law was the federal scarf court in marz "with open chances of success" rejected in a later procedure. In the decision, the karlsruhe richter stated that "especially in consideration of the partly sensitive and in a high-habe personality-relevant character of the data used and the widely large survey a significant fundamental rights interference" present. Strangers this effect through the "considerable quantity" information that was evaluated and otherwise processed further processed. In the merger, you can "intensive personal relevance" unfold.

Silke bitch from the free doctor’s shafts smoothed that the drive in health care with the dvg and the other "lawsuit" from spoon "rasant towards platform medicine" go. The minister of constant central collections, the "teledoktor and total crosslinking" ahead. However, a gross part of the population is excluded by a medicine, in which recipes, medication planes, patient records and health applications were only on apps on current mobile advice. As "self-government" conceived gematik is now dominated by the ministry of health. Come out one "digital powerlessness controlled by algorithms".