Improved: collective configuration of logitech advantages via macos app

Improved: Collective configuration of Logitech advantages via MacOS app

Logitech has handled its configuration app for input device rate inputs under macos. The application called options + is currently in the beta test and has a hand-drawn design. It allows you to set the different key functions in mines and keyboards of the peripheral provider.

Cleaned out, own look

New are predefined settings for different programs. So you can provide your mouse for chrome, safari, edge or communication programs such as zoom and teams with a separate occupancy. Options + continues to provide status display and notifications for hardware, such as battery level.

However, the user interface is quite own – visually falls out completely from the full macos look (even under big sur). How logitech uses its own font and color scheme. However, the night mode of macos is supported, the app can also be displayed in a dark look on request.

Adaptation and compatibility

The code functions also include the setting of pointer and scroll behavior over the system settings, mouse gestures, the use of a keyboard and a mouse with multiple computers (including macos and windows) and the use of shortcuts (but special of logi, not those of the apple service).

Options + should replace the previous option software as soon as the beta test is terminated. This makes options probably lose the support for newer products. On the currently available with options + usable products four mausa (mx master 3, mx master 3 for mac, mx anywhere 3 and mx anywhere 3 for mac) as well as the keyboards mx keys and mx keys for mac. Furthermost, further units should be supported. If one liked as a user both the beta of options + and the old options, the latter must be at least over the version 8.Be 54.