Grune: publish exhaust gas measurements

Six months after volkswagen’s emissions manipulation came to light, the grunes are pressing for clarity about possible irregularities at other manufacturers as well. The public is still waiting for the results of post-tests on models of various car brands by the federal motor transport authority (kba), according to a grunen motion to be introduced in the bundestag on thursday. This is intended to call on the federal government to present a "meaningful interim report" at the latest by a special conference of environment ministers on april 7. April at the latest.

Oliver krischer, vice chairman of the grunen faction, accused federal transport minister alexander dobrindt (csu) of delaying the publication of the report. He said that six months after the scandal became known, dobrindt was "not in a position or willing to create transparency and draw serious consequences".

The minister wants to make the results public in a complete package, but has not yet given a date for that. In november, the kba had already announced as an interim result that other manufacturers had also been measured for elevated exhaust values. However, the results should first be discussed with the car manufacturers and other authorities. The follow-up tests on more than 50 models from manufacturers in germany and abroad have been underway since the end of september.