Fdp wants to test flags on a sugar base

Fdp wants to test flags on a sugar base

Berlin, 12. February 2010 – a sugar base on a sugar base could, according to the fdp group in the berlin house of representatives, the problem of ice-glossy burger screens and almost consumed streusalz prirdhead. This remedy was already successfully used in the bernese oberland, explained fdp parliamentary boss christoph meyer. According to a report in bernese oberlander is used on the highway at interlaken, a thumbnail used, in which 1 ton of salt 20 liters of a waste product from sugar production and water are mixed. The "another too long untouched senate" challenged meyer to test such alternatives on berlin’s escorts. The senate must use all the possibilities, "to make the straight-legged injury hazards and the unacceptable mobilitation restrictions for seniors and disabled people in berlin", stressed meyer.

Salt deficiency: curse or blessing?

Even other types of doctors complain about medical practices and hospitalizers with glossy, while the salt supply of public hand go to the tilation. So mecklenburg-vorpommern’s environment minister till backhaus (spd) adopted a precise dosage of the sampling agents. After possibility, alternatives such as split or sand should be used. Backhaus fugged however, the public security must be guaranteed. Backhaus reacted with the criticism of environmental protectioners. According to the environmental protection organization association, the streusalz damages the tree. The water absorption of the plants becomes difficult. The blatters were smaller than usual, characterized by the photosynthesis.

No ideal sampling in sight

It is allowed to be curious how the animal and plant world reacts to the coarse-bearing use of diagrammage on a sugar base. Thus, on behalf of the federal ministry of environment (bmu), a research report to remember that, for example, the use of glycol (a divalent alcohol with a variable taste) in the winter service due to its "very high nutrition freight" too significant burdens in the basic and surf water drove konne.