Bayern wants to demand home office with tax incentives

Bayern wants to demand home office with tax incentives

Bavaria presents concrete proposals for the demand of work in the heimburo. Finance minister albert furacker (csu) pladates dafur to improve the depreciation opportunities for companies and permanently demand the home office package for workers. "We need a lot of home office", said furacker of the dpa. "Bavaria does not focus on statutory obligations, but on tax incentives."

The corona pandemic has fueled the discussion about the work at home. "There are several possible set screws", said the csu politician. As an example, furacker named the increase in immediate debt for all the low-value – at least for digital – assistants from 800 to 2000 euros. This means, for example, that a company could completely write off new laptops and monitors for employees in a tax year. "Another significant incentive were improved depreciation conditions for digital investment, such as a software purchase."

Package as a permanent device

For workers have been a 5-euro package since last year each working day in their own home, which is limited by the end of this year. Bayern calls to make this lump sum to the permanent institution. "For workers, home office may not be a grant business, not only in pandemeal times", said the bavarian finance minister.

In addition, furacker called for a general relief of the economy: "companies need more air for investment in digital processes and home office. We have to reduce the corporate tax burden on internationally competitive 25 percent." in recent years, several european countries have reduced their corporate taxes, but not germany. Daruber complain companies and economic associations.